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The Democratic Party has lost its footing, its seat at the political table of governance...

Right now, at this very moment, is a great time for Democrats nationwide to access exactly where they are, and what they are doing. And I notice that many 'big names' among the media centric ideologue's are doing just that. Yet I have not heard one peep of sanity or long-term sanity that regains the foundation so needed at this time. Consequently, I am afraid that they will end up in the same place they were before.... With NO PLAN....

I've said many times before that the Democrats just don't seem to get it - - They have NO PLAN.... They can't seem to think beyond the Presidency and the Senate. Yes, they do care about the Supreme Court, but only through the appointment process that comes with a President and control of the Senate. And that doesn't make for a good long-range plan.

Way back (when I was much younger), perhaps in the late 1960's or 1970's, the GOP realized that they were on a road that would ultimately lead to their marginalization. Perhaps as early as 2000.... So the long-range thinkers (yes, the GOP does have long-range thinkers) devised a plan, and they have stuck to it for these past 40-50 years. And as evidenced during this time, their plan has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Yes, they suffered through years and even decades of being a secondary power. But their plan was filled with long-range goals, that were being built at the foundation level. The now control 32/50ths of the state governorships, and nearly 99 percent of state legislatures. Their base may not be great in raw numbers, but they control wides swaths of territory (electorial college territory).

If the Dems want to succeed in winning, and continue doing it over a greater period of time, they need a plan... And as of right now, they DON'T have one....

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Take a moment, and look around you. . . Open your ears and listen. Just for a moment.

Listen to the voices filling the airwaves, the television channels, and the political discourse. Look at the comment section on most any political story. Do you hear the voices of hope and love ? Or do you hear the cries of fear, of loathing, of hatred, of vitriol being spewed towards your fellow man? For years, and years these voices have been ringing out the disdain we show for each other. Can anything good come from all this hatred? All this anger ?

When I was a little boy, my father built a bomb shelter in the basement of our house. We were sure that the Soviets were about to start a nuclear war, and that in order to survive we had to prepare for the worst. Now, as my grandchildren play in the old bomb shelter, I am cleaning it out, and preparing it again for its ultimate reason for existence - - To provide a safe shelter for me and my family in a time of widespread war and desolation.

This anger I hear... This hatred I watch unfold in front of my very eyes, convinces me we are headed to disaster. But disaster NOT from the outside... Not from the Chinese or even the Russians, but from each other... From ourselves. The bad guys could not defeat us from outside, it had to be an inside job.

They practiced their art well, They sewed fear among the population, and drove doubt into our minds about our system of government. They planned well, and took the long course. Now they are near their goal, and this lovely experiment of freedom is closing its doors.

My country is dying, and the only good thing I can say is that I am dying with it...

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I, like my country, am dying. . .

It seems to be a natural course of events. People, like countries, emerge into the world in a young and invigorated state. We want to learn new things, and as we grow up we develop an ever increasing sense of 'ourselves'. . . While we are growing we seem nearly invincible, as we become stronger and more sure of ourselves. We take on greater and greater responsibilities and as we grow, so it seems does our worthiness, and perceived grandeur. We graduate from being a learner to that of being a 'player'. . .

As we mature, we find that things are indeed changing, but not always to our liking. As we reach the 'September of our years', we tend to long for the 'good ole days', which only exist in our condensed ideas of what was perceived 'at that time', but in fact was only a dream.

And now, as I approach my death, I find myself surrounded by people who are angry and despise all those others around them who seem (in those closed minds) to have taken advantage of our past generosity.

I am completely (or nearly completely) unable to do anything to change this situation. People age. Countries age. And while they are aging they either grow in wisdom or they do not. As seems the case of the USA, I'd say we have taken a very large step backwards, and perhaps will face yet another challenge to our 'being'. Another test of the idea of being 'United', or divided. A test of our ability to compromise or not, or more exactly, a test to decide if we shall live or die.

This trend to want to 'Make America Great Again', and to return to the 'good old days' of slavery, of no rights for women, of concentration camps for people who don't have the same religious beliefs as us, of jack-boot policemen, and authoritarian politics is a cancer. . . A cancer that eats at the very organs that keep me and my country alive.

I am dying. It's a natural process for humans. Is my country dying also ?

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Like many, around the US these days, I'm reading all the news coming out of Iraq. Some are maddeningly vocal about how 'WE' screwed up, and why WE should have stayed in Iraq. However, had we stayed it would only have exasperated the situation and ultimately been the result of many more US military casualties. I'm glad we are gone, and hope that we do NOT entertain Iraq 3.0....

There is a very good piece written by Scott Anderson at:

And I recommend reading his piece.

Many if not all of the problems faced in the Middle-East are basically the fault of the French and British diplomats, along with Tsarist Russia as an accomplice. Also, after the war, the 'Great Powers' got together to carve up the Ottoman Empire. See:

The consequence of all this historical information cited, is to educate all of those American voices who insist that 'WE' are responsible for this disaster and that 'WE' should do something about it.....

My thoughts go to Sarah Palin's comment, 'Let Allah figure it out'. Which might be the most intelligent thing to ever come out of her mouth even if she didn't realize it in this context. Sometimes even an ignorant person says something worthwhile.

The real lesson should be that the Ottoman's had at least a modicum of peace and allegiance through the use of their system known as the "millyet." Seems reasonable to me that if we are to have any chance of ending this mess, or at least attempting to 'turning down the volume' we should move along these lines... If possible.


By Mike Krever CNN - June 23, 2014

Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani told CNN's Christiane Amanpour in an exclusive interview.

“Now we are living [in] a new Iraq, which is different completely from the Iraq that we always knew, the Iraq that we lived in ten days or two weeks ago.”

“After the recent events in Iraq, it has been proved that the Kurdish people should seize the opportunity now – the Kurdistan people should now determine their future.”


This is just one more example of why the Iraq situation cannot be solved. Only broken apart. Where tribal connections that go back thousands of years are honored. Then... with some luck, we can work with these leaders to establish some stability in the region. Lets get America and Americans off of the list of things that these people hate, and want to kill...


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A very special friend, who was a foreign teacher where I live in China, recently returned for a week-long visit. Preparing for her visit, and participating in nearly all the events of her visit has kept me quite busy. I think that its great that she came all this way to attend a wedding dinner of one of her very best students. She has now returned to her home in Canada, and the following week was occupied by getting as much rest as I could squeeze in....

The rest didn't last too long, as I quickly discovered that a mouse had invaded my home. I found it kind of weird because mice usually try to come inside at the end of summer, to find a warm place for the winter, but not at the beginning of summer when it's getting warmer and warmer outside. After several days of intense cleaning of possible hiding places, and searching for possible entry points, I was worn out. I feel like I have been invaded... So the wife has the cleaning lady to bring a cat to the house. It was an outside kitten actually and had to be given about three baths to get rid of the flee's. Plus, since its a kitten, it's probably more afraid of a mouse than the mouse would be of it. Living on the 4th floor, I still am puzzled by how that damn mouse got here. I think I see where he came into the house, but how did he get onto that ledge? Amazing.

Now mix into this my schedule for renewing my passport. Which means a trip to the US Embassy in Beijing. I can't go to Hong Kong, or Quangzhou which is much closer, because of their rules. The wife is scared to death that I want to fly there because of the missing Malaysian flight, and I don't want to spend two nights on a train. I was actually dreading this trip, as my experience is that US government workers usually treat everyone (and particularly US Citizens) as if they were all terrorists. So I was quite pleased when the trip went well, and no one worked over-time to piss me off. There is a new passport 'card' available to citizens, which I am buying even though it can't be used for travel to China. But it will come in handy in traveling in other (more technologically friendly) countries...

Add to this some family drama that no one is or should be interested in, and it's been an event filled month. Much has happened in the world, some of it dangerous, and some just down-right stupid. Makes me wonder if there is any hope for humans on this rock at all....

One final mishap. For about 8-10 days, I've had trouble accessing most of the internet, and getting this DotEasy blog site working in any browser. Some is caused by the great firewall that is blocking nearly everything because of the June 4th anniversary thingy, and the rest is I don't know what.... I will say that the Doteasy staff has been timely and anxious to help - even if some of their suggestions sounded ridiculous to this old-time technology friendly guy... 




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